Jackie grew up from business family. Her parents, family members and relatives are around the world, including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and United States. She is also related to a niece who is Top and well known Asian pop singer. (Tsai's family gene - Artistic and creative)

She was influenced and got inspired surrounding by 3 of her locally famous and politician uncles, who were good hearted with passion in helping people. (Problem Solver)

She was also impacted by her father, who was great achiever and leadership in the society. She grew wisdom and is connected with creative, artistic, ingenious and influential people. (Talents)

She is worldly and well traveled except Russia and Africa. That is why she can understand when and why people react the way they are. (Styles of Sophistication)

Doing business and negotiation is in her DNA (natural). She is a Self Employed and entrepreneur all her life. (Skills of Innovation)

NY & NJ Real Estate Broker and Agency Licensed

*Hotels  / Motels  **Listing / Selling Specialist

*Business Broker *Transaction Broker  

*Certified Commercial Consultant 

*Luxury Homes Consultant


-Vacant Land Development Projects & Real Estate Inventories

-Marina, Boat Yard, Water Front, Bay View Development Projects & Real Estate Inventories

*Qualified Designated Opportunity Zone Program Real Estate Inventories 

-Opportunity Zones are federally-appointed areas that present opportunities for real estate  investment and development by offering tax incentives to investors through capital gain tax deferral program if holding  at least 10 years or more and gain tax free. (note: please consult with personal CPA or attorney  with related tax benefits and issues)

Her Mission Statement:

It is her job to Match buyers and sellers, put them up together and close The deals.  That's it.  That is what she does.

She will make sure to give all attention and  enjoy taking care of your real estate needs.

In Fact, she can assure it !

So.... relax and leave that job to her.

Sincerely Yours,

A MatchMaker in Real Estate, Jackie Tsai

Jacklyn Tsai
Jacklyn Tsai
Licensed Broker of NJ and NY, Certified Commercial
No Address Provided Ventnor City NJ 08406